Rainbow Trout on the Cheat River
 outside of Rowlesburg, WV
Welcome to the wild and wonderful world I live in. I welcome all of you along on my journeys involving everything I do here in the great outdoors of West Virginia. This will involve everything from my hunting trips for whitetail deer and eastern wild turkey to fishing everything from tiny creek beds to rivers for trout, bass, and about anything that will bite, not to mention the occasional farm pond to kick back and relax with some friends. Aside from the hunting and fishing part of the outdoors I recently formed a new passion for foraging, yet I still have a lot to learn. Harvesting ramps (allium tricoccum) have been a mainstay of mine for quite a few years now, but this past year I branched out and with some guidance from my mother I successfully picked, processed, and canned my first batch of blackberry jam. Of course these adventures lead to some pretty interesting stories, so if you are interested in listening to some of them or my ramblings on my thoughts/opinions, reviews of gear (I'm a bit of a gear junkie with a limited budget, you can see my dilemma I'm sure), or some of my favorite recipes for cooking wild game or foraged goods.

How I got where I am now...

Seven Point Whitetail taken on Nov. 23, 2009
-Foggy Mountain, WV
Let me take a step back for a moment and introduce myself and tell you where I come from. I go by Justin (you can call me what you want really, as long as you don't call me late to dinner) and I've spent my life growing up in North Central West Virginia, all but about four years of it (college years), in the same small, river valley town called Rowlesburg

Although there has been points in my life, albeit I'm only in my mid-twenties now, when these activities and hobbies have taken a back seat (namely, during the high school years, when sports and girls ruled my subconscious), I've always seemed to come back to them time and time again. My most recent re-emergence into the great outdoors was about five and a half years ago, once I graduated from high school and began some new friendship and got reacquainted with old ones. Most of these guys will be making an appearance in this blog, and will provide you with, what is sure to be, some good laughs, as well as great experience and knowledge. 

So if you want to meander with me through my 
misadventures,you are more than welcome. 



  1. Great looking blog Justin. Thanks for stopping by my site. I look forward to following your journey. Thanks again and keep up the great work.


  2. Justin: I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pics. And, you are right about the fog---I didn't much pay attention to it until I had over night guest several times and they commented on the fog---I keep telling them they are in Rowlesburg and it will burn off---they think the weather is going to be bad

  3. Hi Justin! Very nice blog, I'm starting to follow it. I hope you will write asa often as possible.
    Visit my blog about fishing in Poland please :)

  4. I was born and am still being raised in Rowlesburg and I hope u enjoy it here

  5. This is awesome! I was seriously googling hunting blogs. (I'm trying to get Stephen a bow) and came across this ! Fantastic Justin!


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