Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Look Forward and Walking Backwards

Looking forward but walking backwards is how I've felt about this blog in recent years. I am always looking forward and planning great things for it but it never quit makes to everyone to read. It either gets delayed/put off to the point of the post being out of season or completely lost in the abyss of my mind. So, I could sit here again and say how I am going to rededicate myself to my writings but I've done that before and it has not turned out the best. Then again I could completely scrap my blog and call it quits not like it is far from that with the lack of posting in the past year. Then again I like blogging and it does lead to me connecting with so many great people, so scarping it is not option. That leaves me with, well it leaves me with where I am at now. I post when I can, albeit hopefully I can pick up the pace this year, and if that does not work you can always find me on social media. Between my Twitter (@FoggyMtnMeander) and Facebook page (Foggy Mountain Meanderings) there isn't a shortage of updates and there's always a constant flow of pictures from Instagram (@foggymtnmeander) on both.

Basically what I am saying is I had a great 2013, it allowed me to harvest my first turkey amongst many other great experience in the outdoors this year. So here is to a great 2014 for everyone out there.

Below are just a few of my favorite pictures from the previous year.

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