Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We Got Married!

For many of you that follow this blog know that Cassie and I got engaged earlier this year... Well, my absence lately was due to the fact of starting a new job, trying to fishing up my second to last semester of Grad School, and a little bit due to the upcoming wedding, but really Cassie has been the one handling all that....but don't tell anyone.. Haha.. As you guys could have guessed, we are on our honeymoon this week, but I had to share one thing from our wedding early before I do the full post with pictures.

My amazing cousin, Kayla, made the groom's cake for me, my bride had a hand in the idea(s) behind it, but Kayla ran with it and did an insane job on the cake.... Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my honeymoon and will be back with a more regular schedule next...


  1. congrats to you both! that is a dang fine cake! :)

  2. My congrats go out to you both and I second TexWisGirl's comment: That is indeed a dang fine cake! (I love the dead deer!!!)

    Best wishes!

  3. Congrats you two! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  4. Nice cake and congrats on the wedding!

  5. That's awesome!! Congrats to both of you. You know I am absolutely loving that cake!!

  6. A little late here, but CONGRATS!


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