Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trail Cam Tuesday: May 22, 2012

Like I said in yesterday's post, there are many things that can make you a bad or good turkey hunter, but sometimes it comes down to dumb luck. I am not sure if it is by pure dumb luck of the turkeys or bad luck on my part, but here they are strolling in just an hour after legal shooting hours.

Gobblers feeding through a food plot shortly after legal shooting hours.

I'm not to sure why I like this next picture but I do. It's an interesting view / snap shot of a raccoon perched on top of the stump feeding on something.

After last week's pictures I was hoping to catch that same buck on camera again. I didn't have much luck doing so, but I was able to get a nice picture of this one. From the looks of it, it seems that this will be another decent buck. I can't tell, but from the way the brows are growing, I think this might be "Slick" or an offspring of Little Brow but only time will tell.


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