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Meet Boyd and Gene of Moultrie's TGM Podcast

Even though Boyd was gracious enough to give me an interview about Moutlrie's TGM Podcast, I couldn't stop there. I begged and pleaded proposed an idea that we should take a personal look at the hosts of the podcast, Gene Matchen and  Boyd Barnett. Without even having to think about it, Gene and Boyd were on board. Considering my mild addiction to the podcast, I asked a few questions that I had been wondering for a while and tried to give the new listeners a better understand of how you're listening to. I hope you enjoy the second half of this interview with Moutlrie's TGM Podcast crew. I would also like to thank Boyd, especially, and Gene for working with me on this to bring these great interviews to you.

Boyd Barentt, Host of Moultrie's TGM Podcast
Boyd Barnett
Foggy Mountain Meanderings: For anyone that listens to the show knows that you are a Mississippi guy, but where in Mississippi are you from?
Boyd Barnett: I was born in Mississippi and grew up in a small town called Magee, MS. (It’s about halfway between Jackson & Hattiesburg, if you were wondering). I loved living there; small towns are great places to grow up. Plus, we had all of the open land for playing and hunting that you’d ever want! 

FMM: It sounds like you grew up in an area that was conducive to outdoor activities, what were your favorite outdoor activities growing up and who got you into the outdoors? 
Boyd: My favorite thing when I was growing up was fishing. My dad would take me fishing as often as he could, and that was a lot! Both of my grandfathers liked to hunt and fish, as well, so we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

FMM: It sounds like you started at an early age; do you remember what and when you first started hunting?
Boyd: I guess I started hunting birds and squirrels with my BB gun when I was about 8 or so. Unfortunately, I got out of hunting for a long time; with school and all of the extracurricular stuff I was involved with, I just didn’t have the extra time that hunting needed. I wish I had the game cameras and other things we have now; it really would have helped in my time management! 

FMM: Now that you have a little extra time to hunt what is your current hunting obsession?
Boyd: I really like hunting with my bow. I was able to get a new Tribute from my friends at BowTech Archery. I’ve always liked a challenge, and now my new obsession is trying to bring down a turkey with the bow. 

FMM: Now most of us that know you, know you’re the social media and podcast guy, but what do you actually do at Moultrie?
Boyd: I am the Marketing Assistant for Moultrie. In addition to the work I do with the social media and the podcast, I also manage the websites for Moultrie, Carry-Lite Decoys and Code Blue Scents. I also design all of the packaging for Moultrie; so if you like the new camera packages for this year, let me know!

Gene and I do the podcast as something we don’t “have” to do; we just love to do it. To that end, I’d like to thank everyone here at Moultrie that allows us to disappear into the studio for an hour or so every week to record – not to mention all of the editing time! 

FMM: How long have you been with Moultrie?
Boyd: This June I will have been with Moultrie for 2 years, and I’m not exaggerating when I say they’ve been two of the best years of my professional (and personal life). In the time I’ve been here, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several of the most awesome trade shows in the business, met some truly awesome and legendary figures in the outdoor world, and my wife and I welcomed our first child – my daughter, Savannah – last year. To say I’ve been blessed would be an understatement! 

FMM: Now for the final question, you can only choose one 
Moultrie product for the upcoming deer season this fall, what would it be? 
Boyd: If I only had one Moultrie product for an entire season, it would have to be one of the Mini Cams; probably the M-80 Black (I love that camera!). Having such a small form factor with all of those features…it really is the hunter’s best friend.

Now, if I could only have one thing from each of our Pradco Hunting brands, it would read like this: Code Blue – Whitetail Doe Estrous, Carry-Lite – HD Deer Decoy, Knight & Hale – Pack Rack, and Summit – Viper SD (w/safety harness!). 

Now on to Gene Matchen's part of the interview.
Gene Matchen, Co-Host of Moultrie's TGM Podcast
Gene Matchen

FMM: As with asking Boyd, after being an avid listener I know your roots are Alabama based, but where did you grow up in Alabama?
Gene: I grew up on Logan Martin Lake in Talladega County, AL. It is about 10 minutes from the Talladega Race track. 

FMM: With growing up on a lake, I’m sure you were active in the outdoors. What were your favorites growing up and who got you into the hunting?
Gene: I grew up of course fishing and hunting and also water skiing. These activities occupied most of my time living on the river. My dad took me squirrel hunting at age six and it was then that I shot my first squirrel with a 12 gauge shot gun, but that’s a funny story for another time. I was hooked after that, but my passion became coon hunting, it is still passionate. From there I moved on to big game, it became so much of a love that I got into the industry. 

FMM: It sounds like you have a lot of hunting interest but what is your favorite type of hunting?
Gene: Bow hunting whitetail by far is my favorite; my heart still starts beating out of my chest while I am waiting for that buck or doe to get within range. You can’t describe it and do it justice. Another addiction is turkey hunting. I am waiting until I have a home that will properly display an elk mount before go attempt an elk (A promise to my wife). I also love to hunt rabbit, squirrel, and prairie dogs. 

 FMM: Besides being the co-host of the Moultrie’s TGM podcast, what is your official title and capacity with Moultrie?
Gene: I am the Customer Service Manager for Moultrie and Carry-Lite. My duties include repairs and managing the customer service department. 

FMM: How long have you been with Moultrie?
Gene: I have been with Moultrie for going on 11 years. 

FMM: Before you go, what is the one Moultrie product you must have for this deer season coming up?
Gene: The M-80 Black Flash camera, I won’t leave home without it this coming up season.

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