Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food For Game Giveaway: Take Two

Food For Game By Dan MoultrieAs you know I am doing a giveaway for a copy of The Food For Game, well lucky for you things have changed a little. Boyd, of Moutlrie TGM Podcast and Moultrie's Twitter and social media, left a comment yesterday say that instead of giving away a single copy of Dan Moultrie's Food For Game, we're going to be giving away five signed copies of the book by Dan Moultrie himself. The book alone was a great prize, but to get a signed copy, that is something else!

What is going to change now that this new twist has been thrown in? Not much, the only thing that will be changing is the ending date, it will be moved back a week until May 27 at 9:00AM. Secondly, the number of winners will change, there will be now 5 winners chosen. Sorry, you can only be drawn once for a book, after you have won your numbers will be void.

Remember to enter into this giveaway you must comment on the original blog post (here) and for an extra entry become a fan of Foggy Mountain Meanderings on Facebook, if you are already a fan, just leave comment saying that.
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