Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rent Huntography - Filming American's Hunters, One at a Time Now!!!

This was released yesterday from Huntography. For those of you that still haven't checked out Huntography - West Virginia you need to! Below is a press release with the new availability to rent Huntography - Filming American's Hunters, One at a Time. 2010.

"April 6, 2012 – More and more whitetail deer hunters are moving away from watching deer hunting shows on television and away from buying physical deer hunting DVD’s. The trend towards online viewing and mobile viewing cannot be ignored. For this reason, in addition to offering physical copies of DVD’s to own – for us old schoolers, I am starting to offer our deer hunting films for rent online.
This is similar to what many have experience when using Netflix or their cable and satellite providers video-on-demand functionality for movies. But for deer hunting videos, this is a great first step into getting more folks watching full length feature hunting films online. 
The ease of use, high quality image and affordable cost should be just what the doctor ordered.  
So if you haven’t purchased the 2011 Huntography Whitetail Deer Hunting DVD yet, Filming America’s Hunters, One at a Time, now is your chance to watch it right on your computer, in it’s entirety. 
All proceeds will go directly into the 2012 DeerTour production fund.
Support the movement, share the link with your friends and rent it today." 

If you haven't got to watch it, now's your chance, I highly recommend it! For more details and a preview check out then rental site here.

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