Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cash's Ramp Salt

Ramps straight out of the food processor.
Almost two weeks ago now I took to Twitter with a question of what else could I do with all the ramps I had dug. I know a lot of different ways to cook them in entrees or side dishes or even preserve them, but there is always something new to learn and try and that is exactly what I found. I had always thought and wondered about dehydrating ramps but never followed through. Come to find out this isn't something that abnormal. A reader, @Cashwv06, started tweeting with me and asked if I had tried "Ramp Salt," this is something I had not  tried or heard of. There was only one thing left to do, get the recipe and try it. To say the least this is a very simple recipe but it has limitless possibilities. I have already used this on steaks, pizza, popcorn, and even my eggs.


  • 1 part Salt
  • 3 parts Processed Ramps


Step One: Dehydrate previously cleaned ramps. This part is to be used as a guideline, I dehydrated my ramps (four trays) for eight to ten hours at 125 degrees.

Step Two: After ramps are crisp to the touch, transfer them to a food processor or blender. Proceed to process the ramps until they are a powdered / finely crunched mixture. If there any large pieces or debris left in the mixture remove so that it will not be in final mixture.

Step Three: Combine three parts of the processed ramps to one part salt (Example - I mixed 3/4 cup of ramps with 1/4 cup of salt). Mix together thoroughly and store to use on everything! I prefer to store mine in a pint jar which makes for easy access but most anything that is air tight will do.


  1. Def. The best thing since sliced bread.. we keep ours in a old steak or burger seasoning bottle with a shakers type deal on it... Works awsome!!! Thanks for sharing with others and everyone enjoy!!

  2. One of the cooking channels had a show on ramps last week. It made me think of you when I saw it. I was wondering if you'd get out this year. Looks like you did ...and early too!

    1. That I did, glad you're still following along!

  3. Picking Ramps for our farmers market in Athens Ohio this Saturday . Ramps salt sounds wonderful ! Thanks for the post.

  4. Dehydrated ramps are great without the added salt. An excellent additive to anything expecially burgers, eggs or beans!

  5. Do u have to have the ramps dry before deydration

  6. My husband and I were in Boone NC and stopped at an arts and craft fest. We met some people who sold ramp seasoning and bought 4 salt shakers of it. Would love to get more. Do you know who sells it?


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