Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Ways to Know...

... that it is going to be an interesting opening morning of Spring Gobbler Season.

10. In checking the weather for opening day you see that your hunting location is listed in a Winter Weather Advisory, listing 8" to 12" of heavy wet snow.

9. Going into to opening morning, you know you only have roughly an hour and a half to hunt before you have to leave for class.

8. Just in case, you decided to dig out those insulated bibs and jacket for late season deer hunting and was ecstatic you set them out the next morning.

7. Waking up the next morning to look outside and see nothing, it looked the same as it did the night before. On closer inspection, as you're sliding down the stairs, you can see those steps were icy, just not wet.

6.  Following a WV State Road Salt truck all the way to your dirt road turn off.

5. Upon arriving on top of the mountain you realize the storm didn't miss you it was just starting with 3" on snow already on the ground.

4. Realizing that when doing #8 you should have laid out snow camo instead.

3. While walking you realize your turkey blind has turned into an igloo and all the zippers are frozen shut.

2. After hearing someone shoot one close, on a neighboring property, you finally get a few to start talking to you. Bad news, you look at the time and realized you are running five minutes late to get to class.

1. And finally this was my view for the morning...

As you have read through this little comical count down, opening morning wasn't the best for conditions, but it was great to get out and be able to hunt again. Between finals and moving this week, I hope to make it out another time or two this week, but look for many more updates in the weeks to come!


  1. Good luck to you as soon as you thaw out!

  2. What a crazy start to the season! I hope you can make it back out there soon and put one down!

    1. Thanks, this week should lead to a few more days out there!

  3. This is great!! Any day hunting is better than any day at work, or in your case class!

    1. I completely agree, I didn't want this to come off as complaining. More of just a comical look at what happened. I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Oh wow! That was not only entertaining to read, but I felt like I was late, too. LOL! That is one crazy start to the season for sure! Best of luck this year.


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