Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - December 20, 2011

With today being one of the first days since the semester is over and tonight being the first night of Hanukkah (Happy Hanukkah!!) I've been a little bit relaxed to say the least. There are no new pictures and I'm actually a camera down at the moment, but that won't stop TCT. It seems like today is the perfect day to do a blooper edition.

Not so much a bloopers, but just interesting pictures.

An up close and personal hello from a young buck.

This doe isn't having any of this coon.

After the doe decided to leave the coon decided to King of the Hill 
with the stump and taunt the doe


  1. too funny. don't you know that raccoon was giving the doe attitude. :)

  2. It always amazes me that the deer will back down from the coons.

  3. That "up close and personal" shot of the buck is pretty crazy!


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