Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - December 13, 2011

Just as luck would have it, there are more and more bucks starting to show up now that rifle season has come to a close. Hopefully most of these bucks will make it until next year, all they have to do is make it through this week of muzzleloader season then the select few that are still bow hunting. Here are a few pictures of of the bucks that have shown up over the past week.

Here is a nice looking buck that I wouldn't mind still getting a shot at this year with 
my bow, but he's still on a nocturnal patern. By the picture it is hard to tell
but he is an 8-point that broke it's brow tine early in the season.

Here is a thick main beam 5 or 6 point. We haven't been able to tell from any of the 
pictures if he has both brow tines, but either way for such a young deer
he has decent mass thus far. 

Here is another 8-point that we haven't had any pictures of this year. It
looks like he has one side that is either dwarfed or busted up. 

And last but not least, my little buddy from two previous posts (Rifle Season Review and Doe Season Review). The interesting fact about this picture is that it was taken with me sitting only 20 yards up the hillside looking down on him feeding.

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