Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - October 25, 2011

I mentioned in last weeks TCT, the deer acitvity had gotten slow with the logging and the lack of pre-rut behavior. That really changed this past weekend, the chase is on, and it is heavy. Not only was it great seeing the bucks starting to cruise, but there was some added excitement (if you follow me on Twitter you have a little clue). I will fully explain the story later on this week in a detailed weekend recap. Back to the pictures, I didn't get a massive amount but what I got was quality.

This first picture you will have to enlarge to get what the arrows are pointing at.A little clue not to long ago Cassie asked me if bears and deer get along.... I have a little more of a clue/evidence now.

Ok, if you couldn't tell from the previous picture what it was, here's a better shot. They my not get along well together, but the buck did stick around long enough to get it's picture taken.


  1. How cool is that!! What great captures. I don't think I've seen deer and bears in the same shot before..well..with the deer still being alive.

  2. great catch! that bear looks so darn cute, but i'm guessing it's bigger than it looks!


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