Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - The Delayed Edition 10/19/11

Sorry for the delay, but sometimes we gotta celebrate the important things. It's been another slow week on Foggy Mountain and the pictures can prove it. With the property next to ours being timbered and the rut still a week or two away there hasn't been much showing. But with the logging coming to an end soon (hopefully) and the pre-rut and rut kicking in I should start having some better pictures and hopefully a few more deer on the ground.

Bigfoot? No, just me getting ready to drag my deer out.

With the Rut not far away, there's nothing more I like to see than does.
Well I would like to see some bucks, but they'll show soon enough.

It wouldn't be a TCT without including a picture of a bear. Haha.


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