Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday OBN!!!

Hmm.. It's Tuesday. I'm sure everyone is wondering where Trail Cam Tuesday is, well I am postponing it until tomorrow. Why you might ask, well today October 18, is the Outdoor Blogger Network one year anniversary. Little did I know last November when I stumbled onto this directory what it would hold for me. It took me until January of this year to submit my blog. Little did I know this would opening my up to making some great new friends, getting the opportunity to review some great gear and more importantly to be able to have my blog delivered to people that truly want to read it. To the Outdoor Blogger Network, I thank you for everything that you (Rebecca and Joe) have done for myself and the outdoor blogging community as a whole. So there's only one thing left to do...

Happy Birthday!!! 
And here's to many more!!!


  1. I agree the obn has done so much for me as well. Keep up the pics

  2. Happy birthday to OBN! I've found my way to a lot of a great blogs through them.


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