Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - September 20, 2011

Is it already Tuesday again? Man, right when I thought I was going to be getting back on track I got hit with another wave of homework, quizzes and exams. No worries I braved it pretty well, well at least I think I did. It is now ten days and counting until season starts and I can't wait! I finally made it out to check the trail cams and although there was nothing spectacular, I wasn't disappointed either. Now on to see what everyone else thinks of these pictures.

Not the best picture quality, but looks like a shooter to me.

I know I've put a thousand of these style of bear pictures up,
but there's something amazing about them every time. Obviously, she has cubs close...

It might be hard to see, but I believe I see some blood on those antlers!

If you look in the back it's the buck from the previous picture and
what looks like his brother in the foreground. 


  1. pretty boys, and sweet mama bear (she looks tired, though!) :)

  2. That pic of the bear was pretty cool. Good luck hunting and hope to see some great harvest pics.


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