Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - September 13, 2011

Well I was holding out hoping I would make it up on Foggy Mountain today to get some new pictures for you today, but my better judgement won and I didn't go. It's getting close to that time around here where it's better to be anywhere but your stand. It's nearing two weeks that I haven't been to my tree stand or Foggy Mountain period, but I think that will end this weekend. Until then everyone is going to have to take a look at some pictures from late August and the last time we pulled the cards. These are some candid shots and a few nice bucks, hopefully this time next week I have a few new targets for everyone to look at...

A few of the better bucks meeting up.

A great buck, but  if he could make it one more year he'd be a monster!

Look closely he has a little friend sneaking in behind him. A little gray fox from the looks of it.

He wasn't to fond of this friend.


  1. the last one with the buck and the coon is really cute. :)

  2. Yes sir! I wish I could make it up this year


  3. I love the pics. I have got to get out and check mine.

  4. Good looking pics! I'll trade you some fish for a plate of tenderloin?


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