Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - August 23, 2011

Last weeks internet fiasco gave me time to look through some old trail cam pictures. I always forget how much fun it is to look at the deer from years past, along with the progression of Foggy Mountain. But the greatest thing about an archive of pictures is that it becomes a useful tool. By looking that the pictures last week, I knew I should be expecting the bachelor group to start forming. Actually it was a little later this year,  but I knew that I should have some pictures of the groups very soon. Guess what? They were there when I checked my camera. It's amazing to be able to tell when they should start forming bachelor groups, watching deer for multiple years, when bucks will start to lose their velvet, and when they start to shed their antlers just from having a few years of pictures archived.

My first bachelor group this year.
There's everything from spikes to eight points in this picture.
It makes me happy to know bow season is right around the corner.
A nice eight point that has some potential this year.


  1. Those are some very nice looking deer, picture quality is nice to.

  2. I have yet to see the boys come through our field for the apple trees, but it should be soon!


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