Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trail Cam Saturday? - 8/6/2011

I had mentioned on Tuesday that I would do a catch up post on all the pictures that were taken over the last few weeks. This idea would have worked if the deer didn't get shy, really while we were at the beach the day time temperature was in the mid 90's and even reached into the 100's a few times. Although we mainly got pictures of bears and does, I'll give you a few interesting shots of a doe and fawns and sower with cub. Since everyone loves to see big racks this time of year, I'll throw in a bonus picture from another property that Jay frequently hunts.

Yes, it was that hot!
Mom, wait!
Not sure how I feel about cubs and sow running up the tree my tree stand is in.
Which one would you pick?


  1. I just had to view this post as I'm looking at campsites. I know bears can climb, and I know the odds of having a problem are slim..but..still!

    Amazing shots of the deer!

  2. (i'd pick the raccoon!)

    the bears in your tree stand tree are pretty close for comfort, i'd say!

  3. That doe is looking pretty worn out!

  4. Nice pictures, especially of the sow and cub. And I love the name "Foggy Mountain Meanderings" - I saw your blog listed on another one and with a name like that I had to check it out.


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