Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - July , 2011

Just because Foggy went Salty doesn't mean you won't get you weekly dose of TCT. This weeks is one of the most interesting pictures I have gotten recently. There are many reasons I keep my Glock strapped to my side while in the woods, but this time of the year there are a few more than normal.. Bears are a big reason this time of year, the newborn cubs are out running around learning their new surroundings. This could make for a dangerous encounter if anyone was to get between Moma and her cubs. The other activity that take place at this time of year, is the female bear without cubs come into estrous and then mating ensues, this is something I would not prefer to get in between either. After the last round of pictures, we believe we actually caught this act or attempted act on film, judge for yourself.

Look how discolored and the lack of hair the male bear has on his back from 
scratching his back on trees to marking his territory. 
Bears mating?
Below is a little bonus, I have marked with arrows the cub that is 
running up and down the tree while Moma is watching.


  1. do bears mate in the woods? apparently so.

    cute little rascal on the tree!

  2. Amazing trail shots! Thank you for sharing. Stumbled across your blog and now following.


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