Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick Takes: SEEMZ - T.H.E.E. KRUSH Complete Odor Elimination System

Along with any good outdoorsman, you should be preparing for the season year around, this is no different for myself. As the end of archery season came to a close I washed up all my hunting gear one last time and packed it away for a long spring and summer. This provoked a thought that I have used the majority of the major big box stores scent elimination companies in one capacity or another. Their products did fine and have produced well for me, but still left me wanting a little better quality. I went on a mission to find a new line of scent control products to use for this fall.

In the beginning of February I began to look for a new scent elimination products and companies to try out. Shortly there after I stumbled upon Seemz Technology, they tagged themselves as the New Generation of Oder Elimination. Seemz Technology was founded in 2008 and since has striven to produce not only a new scent elimination system but more so a complete odor elimination system. Promptly after reading more about Seemz Technology, I contacted them to see if they would be interested in working with Foggy Mountain Meanderings for a Product Review this upcoming deer season. A few e-mails later and about a month and a half of anticipation, my complete odor elimination system was waiting at my doorstep.

Quick Takes

  • Variety: As with most scent elimination lines there are different cover scents. This is no different with Total Human Element Eliminator (T.H.E.E.) KRUSH, it is offered in Original and Earth scent. With the the test group I received the Earth Scent. I feel that this scent will work best for the type of hunting environment that I am in. 
  • Scent:  Being Earth scented, it is important that it actually smells as advertised, like dirt to be exact. After a quick overview of the products, I wanted to see if the spray did smell like earth/dirt as other companies have managed to produce. Yet again, Seemz impressed me as they have accurately matched that earthy odor. A little side note on this one, at this point and time Cassie, my girlfriend, walked in asked what I was doing and wanted to see what I had received. After explaining what is was, where it came from, and how I was going to use it, she wanted to help out, so I asked her to smell if and tell me what it smelled like (without informing her if was Earth Scent), her first words after the smell test was, "It smells just like dirt!" So no matter who you ask at this point it passes the scent test, the next test may be a little harder, as a deer's sense of smell is a much better than humans. 
  • Product Line / Variety: Seemz Technology has covered almost all your odor eliminating needs when they sent out the complete odor elimination system. It included: 32oz Scent Elimination Spray, 12oz Scent Elimination Spray, 64oz Scent Elimination Refill Bottle, 32oz Laundry Detergent, and 12oz Hair & Body Soap, they even threw in a Seemz Bumper sticker. The two main component that I believe would complete this total system are deodorant / antiperspirant and dryer sheets to accompany the laundry detergent ( in their defense what is missing is stuff they don't even produce at this time). Other than those two things, this kit is very well put together and makes me even more excited for hunting season. 
I am excited about the next phases of this review. I recently sprayed down my trail camera  with T.H.E.E KRUSH to help eliminate my scent. Hopefully, this will keep those pesky bears away from my new toy. The major test, and most exciting, will be using the product line this fall during archery and rifle season. Thanks again for allowing me to do this review.

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