Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Post: SoCal Salty on ICAST

Hi guys. My name is Joe, and I write a blog called SoCal Salty about my fishing adventures in the Pacific Ocean off Southern California. Justin asked me to fill in a bit over here on FMM while he was on vacation. It's funny because he's been messaging me about how much he's enjoying fishing in the salt, so I hope he comes back here and continues to give you Trail Cam Tuesdays and the rest of his great stuff ;-)

I posted on my blog recently about my first trip to ICAST, the huge fishing tackle show in Las Vegas. It's where all the manufacturers trot out their new gear for the retail tackle shops to see and stock in their stores in the coming year. I was lucky enough to be granted media access, so I thought I'd share with you some of the interesting finds.

VMC Spinshot Hooks
VMC Spinshot Hooks

These hooks are designed for drop shot rigs. The hooks are suspended in the middle of a swivel with eyes above and below the hook. The idea is that you tie the top end to your main line, and then tie some leader to the eye below the hook to your weight. The typical line twist issues prevalent in a drop shot scenario go away. These hooks won best of show in the Terminal Tackle category and I can't wait to try them out.

They only make these up to 1/0, so I asked VMC when they were going to start making them bigger to suit the fishing we do out here. 1/0 is just barely big enough and I'm going to try them for sand bass fishing, but you should definitely give them a look for fishing those bass holding deeper in your home lake. (

Logic Lures Wiggly Jiggly Heads
The Logic Lures Lineup

I thought these jig heads looked really promising. Essentially, the idea is that instead of a static head fused onto a hook scenario, these are built so that there is a joint between the lead head and the business end of the lure. One benefit of using them that I observed was that when attaching plastics they swam the body too, and not just the tail.

The problem for me is that they only make them up to a 1/4 oz. Someone buy these and let us all know if they help you get more hook ups. (

Bait Saver Hooks
Bait Saver Hooks

Finally, one I can use today. These are normal hooks that have a thin gauge wire on either side of the hook and and a little brass collar on the shank. You attach your bait then cinch down the collar. The wire clamps down on the bait so that your bait is more secure on the hook. I love the funky baits that freshwater guys tell me they use...wonder bread, chicken livers etc. These hooks should be great to help you keep those baits on a hook longer. I plan to use them for flylining anchovies which are fond of flying off my hook midcast. Check out this video to see what I'm talking about:
I hope you found this information useful. Tight lines!

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