Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Official!

Late last night, well more like 9:30 PM, Foggy Mountain Meanderings changed. That's right, ceased to exist, we can now be found exclusively at For those of you that support Foggy Mountain Meanderings with a link or in your Blog Roll please update you links to reflect these changes, and thank you for your continued support.

This change has been in the works for a while and had been contemplated for a month or more, but with the continual support of my family and friends, a gentle suggestion from JM over at Something's Fishy and Cassie telling me to do this daily for last three months, I finally did it. A big thank you goes to all of them!

Make sure to stay tuned to Foggy Mountain Meanderings for more great stories, content, product reviews, Trail Cam Tuesday, and a bright future!!


  1. Congrats on the change. Really need to follow your lead and do the same.

  2. good for you. have been thinking about this myself lately. of course it might take blogger a bit of work to integrate my 850 posts i've accumulated since starting this blogging adventure! :)

  3. Tommy - Thanks I think with your line of lures and wood products that it would be a wise investment!!

    tex - Thanks and Haha I think it might take them just a little while to migrate all those post over.. Might need to give them some advanced notice.. :)

  4. Glad you grabbed the URL...before I did! *Insert evil laughing here.* Seriously, nice you made the leap and glad everything went through without incident.

  5. Congrats man! Told you it was easy... I'll get everything changed over on my site first thing tomorrow. Cassie is going to kill me because you mentioned me first. LOL

    @troutrageous1 - I've had troutrageous2 and 3 on back order for quite a while now :)

  6. Congrats Justin! I see who's moving up in the real world, haha


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