Friday, June 24, 2011

Garden Check In - June 24, 2011

This is a call to all gardeners or green thumb wannabees like myself. I am doing a check in to see how everyone's garden is doing. If this post goes over well, I'll do this at least bi-monthly. I am planning on doing a full post this weekend on how the garden is coming this year and what I have already learned in my first year of having my own garden. Feel free to leave comments on what you have growing, how much you've already harvested, what you are planning on growing, or helpful tips and hints on gardening for everyone's benefit.

My garden from early last week on 6/16/2011. More current pictures to follow this weekend.

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  1. My Dad had open heart surgery in May so he didn't have a garden which left it up to Rambob and I to have one if I wanted to do any canning this year. Our 10'x10 garden ended up being 40'x40'. We ended up with: 22 tomato, 25 white potato, 25 red potato, 20 sweet potato, 4 zuchinni,4 squash, 4 canteloupe, 30 onions and 4 cabbages...not coutning the 50 strawberry plants we planted tfor next year. I think we may have gotten in over our heads, ahah


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