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Woods and Waters: Not-so-conservative approach

This article is actually taken from May 7, 2011 edition of The Charleston Gazette, but considering it is written by the same John McCoy that authors the blog, Woods and Waters, I am going to label it as such.

Looks like it's time to start fling
a few more arrows than normal.
I am partially torn on this subject. I think that WV needs to become more conservative on our deer hunting regulations, but I also like having a longer hunting season.

After reading this article posted below and another one in a local paper this past weekend it looks like the state has approved to move the opening day of bow season in WV in to the first Saturday in October. Luckily, this year it happens to be October 1st, this will allow for bow hunter to have three full months to hunt. I am happy about this change and also believe that it allows bow hunter a better chance at taking a larger buck. With the season starting earlier, there are hopes that the bucks have not completely abandoned their summer patterns or completely broken up from their bachelor groups at that time. This one isn't so conservative, I agree, that's why I am torn, but still happy either way.

The other part of this article covers the fact that the state is reducing the amount of does that hunters are allowed to be taken per selected areas (my county has been reduced to one doe). This will help the deer herd with population, but will do nothing for the quality of deer taken. There was a small blurb in my local paper, on what I have been harping about for years now, reducing the number of bucks one hunter is allowed to take. As the Regulations read right now, any one hunter can take a single buck in Archery, Rifle, and Muzzleloader Season or two bucks in any one season (with purchase of an extra stamp) and one addition buck in another. They had stated in that article that they would bring up next year the idea of reducing the total number of three bucks down to two, between the three season. That would at least be a start!

Not-so-conservative approach
Antlerless deer-hunting regulations more liberal than DNR officials had recommended
May 7, 2011
By John McCoy

--It's official. West Virginia's deer-hunting regulations will be more conservative this fall, but not quite as conservative as anticipated.

Division of Natural Resources biologists had recommended regulations designed to reduce the 2011 antlerless deer kill. Members of the state Natural Resources Commission last week adopted most of the DNR's recommendations, but tweaked regulations in nine counties to allow private-land hunters to kill more antlerless whitetails.

Commission members also voted to open the state's deer archery season on the first Saturday of October instead of the usual mid-month opening date. To continue reading, click here...

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