Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - Postponed

Ok, so if you couldn't have guess I am postponing Trail Cam Tuesday this week, if all goes well I am hoping to have everything back up and running next week. Between still working full-time, starting grad school (which officially started last week), and the mini-vacation Cassie and I took this past weekend, my blogging has been lacking but it should start to pick back up soon. Thank you everyone for still following along with me here at Foggy Mountain Meanderings and the support everyone always gives the blog.

For everyone that still needs their weekly fix of trail camera pictures, I suggest you go check out one of my favorite trail camera related blogs - Joe at Massanutten Game Trails. He always has a great variety of trail cam pictures and his blog is where I normally go in between session of checking my trail cameras to get my fix. Just recently he has had everything from a sow and her cubs to turkeys and even a fox. So what are you guys waiting on, I'm already over there.


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