Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why do I Blog? - Writing Prompt

Last week the OBN presented the writing prompt, Why do we blog? I pondered this for a day or so, thought mine was pretty simple and straight forward, so what was the point to write it, but I keep find myself wondering back to this topic. So to get this idea out of my head and on to the blog for everyone to read here it is...

I had been reading blogs about everything from hunting and fishing, canning and cooking to cameras and photography. But one thing always bugged me, I couldn't find any blogs centrally located in WV, at least one that encompassed everything I was reading about. During this same time period, I was active on a few message boards and hand writing a journal about fishing and hunting trips, ramp patches I found, and our attempts at QDM (Quality Deer Management) on Bell Hill to name a few things. As the summers would hit full stride my journals always seems to take a nose dive but the amount of pictures would raise, but trying to go back and look at the pictures and try to write in the journal about a picture that wasn't there just seemed to annoy me, so I started to think about what I could do make this process easier.

That's when the idea for Foggy Mountain Meanderings began, I thought a blog would be a good way to keep track of my adventures as well as allow some of my family members and parents to keep tabs on what I was doing as well as letting the out-of-state family members see what was going on during hunting season if they didn't make it in. I never expected to have anyone else look at it outside of a few family members and friends. I looked at it more as an online journal, I wasn't even sure I'd tell my hunting/fishing buddies about it, it took a while but they found out and actually help with my blog.

I registered Foggy Mountain Meanderings back in August, but didn't actually start blogging until the beginning of September. This one was just about remember the past weekend and reminiscing about an old saying my grandfather always told me. Then it progressed to talking about our annual trip to Romney and some pre-season scouting and the ups and downs of the bow and rifle season. Once all that came to an end, I found something that change this whole blogging thing, the Outdoor Blogger Network. It took me nearly a month to convince myself to submit my blog, but I wasn't sure my blog was even worthy of being in the same directory as the blogs that were listed on the OBN and  I had been reading. But with Cassie's assurance and my newly crafted "Goals for 2011", I had nothing else to say, back pedal or do than simply to submit my blog. Since then, in a very short time, I managed to found a great group of outdoor blogging buddies. Not to mention the OBN has been expanding more rapidly than ever. From the looks of it, I wasn't the only one that it took a while to submit their blog. I will continue to record my journal mainly so I can remember my adventures and keep my friends and family updated, but now it seems there are a few more people than I thought that cared about what a kid from a small, river valley town in West Virginia does when he goes out to woods or to the riverbanks.

Now that I've diverged off topic I'm going to try and wrap this up. I'm not even sure I answered why I blog, but hopefully this gave you a little more insight into why I blog even if I didn't answer the question directly.


  1. Justin,

    It sounds like our blogs have followed really similar paths. I am glad you decided to share your blog, it is a good one!

  2. I think a lot of folks (me included) start blogging to give family and friends from far away a chance to 'check in' and see what's happening in our lives. After about 6 mos., a fellow blogger stumbled upon my blog, signed up to follow, left comments every day and introduced me to all the other wonderful blogs and bloggers out there. Now I'm knee deep - or waist deep - in Bloggerville and loving it. :)

  3. Yup, seems many of us started off figuring only family and friends might be interested, but over time that "family" and group of friends seems to grow.

  4. That's really quite fantastic. Loved your thoughts here. It's great to hear the stories of people who are sincerely interested in blogging about what they love! And it's always lovely when you can reach out to people past your friends and family. Great to see you're doing that here.


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