Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - April 5, 2011

It might be the warmer weather (in between the snow storms), it might be the fact that I am sick of the cold dreary weather, or may just be the fact that that calender says it's Spring; but my mind is is starting to kick into overdrive with the thoughts of turkeys, trout, and ramps. With many of you having the same thoughts dancing through your heads might be thinking that I am going to take this opportunity to put up some more pictures or even a video of turkeys, but you're mistaken. There is one more thing I like to do this time of year, while I am out picking ramps and hunting mushrooms I like to continue to scout whitetails. Because before you know it (OK so give it another two months ofrso) they are going to start looking like this...

Make sure when you're out in the woods this spring, either hunting turkeys or ramps/mushrooms, keep your eyes peeled for some signs of last year's bucks. It always seems to be easier to find those old rub lines or scrapes from last year. This lets you know how the deer were traveling around the area and hopefully gives you a little look into how they are going to travel this year. Finding these patterns may help you when deciding where to do some new pre-season scouting with mineral licks and trail cameras or even where to place or relocate a tree stand.


  1. Pretty cool pictures. This will be my first summer with a trail camera and hope to get some local bucks on tape.


  2. I love seeing them in velvet! Awesome pictures

  3. our bucks have lost their horns but they are not red yet. good luck with the scouting, and the turkeys.

  4. Nice to see the bucks in velvet! That's always an encouraging sign for fall!


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