Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - April 19, 2011

Today's Trail Cam Tuesday is going to be a little unconventional, there isn't going to be any trail camera pictures. I know how can it be Trail Cam Tuesday, without trail camera pictures? Well, I'm not exactly sure myself, but I do have some interesting pictures to show you in place of them. Now that I broke that news to everyone I am going to move forward with the story and pictures, and at the end I'm going to need everyone's opinions on a couple different things.

Two weekends ago Cassie and I (and Buster) went to change out the SD card and batteries in my trail camera, this card pull was actually when I got the pictures for last weeks Trail Cam Tuesday post with the turkeys. Not that big of a deal, except that fact if you remember the post "You know it's cold..", the case on my Moultrie trail camera already had two of the four anchor points used to strap it to a tree is broke. When I went to change the card and batteries another clip broke off, so I am now down to one anchor point and a bracket on the top of the case, but more on that later. After a little grumbling over the case and trying to figure out how to make it work, we were on our way to take a little hike, find some ramps, and let Buster burn some energy on a nice day. We hadn't made it more than a 200 yards from my tree stand when we saw stop dead in his tracks and start sniffing the ground and circling a selected area in the middle of the road. I wouldn't and really didn't think much of this as we are in the woods and a dog is going to smell a 1001 new smells every time they go into the woods, but as we got closer I realized there was something he was sniff, I'm just glad he didn't want to play fetch with it.

This is what we walked up to see, the remnants of a raccoon.
You can see the that the rib cage or lack there of is picked clean and made into a chew toy.
Looks like the coyotes or maybe even a bear had a nice snack.
A close up of the clenched teeth and whatever is left of the racoon's face.
I'm not sure what happened to this raccoon, Cassie thinks it got attacked by coyotes or was fighting with something. As for my opinion, it could have been a winter kill, that just got drug out into the road, but really there are quite a few things that could have happened, what do you think?

Back to my busted case on my trail camera and how I'm going to tie all this back into a Trail Cam Tuesday post, I know I can order a new case from Moultrie and I think I am going to do that, but this also gives me a reason to upgrade my trail camera. I have been looking at the new ones Moultrie has out, since I've had good luck with them in the past, but there also seems to be good sales on the 8.0 MP Bushnell trail camera. This is the other part of today's post I am asking for help with, what kind of trail camera do you have, would you recommend it and why?


  1. Wow! Great photos. Sad for the raccoon. As far as trail cams, I use the Wildgame Innovations infrared cams. They are inexpensive and I figure they work well for two things. They capture photos - and that's all I am looking for. To see what game is out and about. Not looking to win photo contests. Second, if someone steals it I am not out a ton of money. Out here in SoCal, most of us hunt public land and we all know how public land helps the trail cams and treestands grow legs and walk off.

  2. you need to check in with Joe at Massanutten Game Trails. he's used several cams and just did a post today about trying to find a replacement for one that 'drowned'. he sounds like he'd be a load of info for you...

  3. We have a crazy array of cameras here: Moultrie, Bushnell and Covert.

    Out of all of them, we like the night pics from our Moultrie and day pics from the Bushnell best. The only thing we dislike about our Moultrie is the size. It's a bit big BUT I just saw in one of my hunting mags that they now have a small one. It looks to be the size of our other two!

    There's my two cents, lol! Happy shopping to ya!


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