Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nikon D3100

Image Credit: Nikon USA
If you remember way back when in December I posted "The Goods", it talked about what I had received over the holidays and what I had planned on doing with the gifted cash. If you don't remember I'll bring you up to speed,  I spoke about wanting a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera). I spoke specifuially about getting the Nikon D90, it is an amazing camera, but when it came time to actually make the purchase, I found something a little different. It was still a Nikon, but it was the Nikon 3100 in a bundle pack that came with another lens, SD card, and a Nikon Camera Bag with Instructional DVD. The differences in the two cameras are things that as for now, I won't even need to touch, so with the ability to get more useful items with it and still stay a little under budget I couldn't resist pick it up. The lens I got with the bundle is a AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 55-200mm, this is a great addition to the kit lens since I will be attempting to shot nature and wildlife, amongst other things.  Now that I've got my camera, now I just need to learn how to use it more proficiently to be able to cross another goal off my list for 2011.

For an added bonus, I'm going to include a few of my first attempts with this camera...

Street Light


Mile Marker #3

Beaver Skull

Cemetery and Oak

Buster in B&W 
Ok, so the last one was taken by Cassie, but the others are mine. I am in the process of 
opening up a Flickr account and then linking it to a photo tab at the top. 
Any comments, suggestions, or help are always welcomed!


  1. I think we need to invest in some paint. And Buster is looking good, if I do say so myself. Cassie

  2. i have that same camera! and i love it! the auto focus functions are perfect for my nature and wildlife shots. my only obsession has been adding multiple lenses (thanks to my enabling hubby) to keep getting longer zooms - i started with the 200mm, then went quickly to a 300mm and now he added a 500mm. UGH! :)

  3. Great photos! Photog can really be addictive, you're gonna start looking at the world like your looking through the viewfinder. You're going to really enjoy it.

  4. Congrats on the new camera. I used to shoot a lot of photography, but these days all I have is a P&S, though I have been really itching to get a DSLR...hopefully soon! Be sure and let us know when you get that Flickr account setup, I would love to follow it.

  5. I bought that camera a couple months ago and like it alot. I need the larger lens. But I like the 18mm to get up close on game shots

  6. Awesome shots so far can't wait to see more!

    I also picked up the 3100. I think we were both looking at the same time in the OBN forum (: I got the 18-55mm and a 50-200mm lens with mine. Sad thing is I'm scared to take mine on the water so 90% of my blog pics will still be with p&s.


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