Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - March 8, 2011

It's time for the weekly installment of Trail Cam Tuesday, this post was originally inspired by my girlfriend, Cassie. She's a great sport and even goes through my massive amount of trail cam pictures with me, she loves to see the bear pictures but a close second has to be the group pictures of animals (ones involving multiple species). Well after she suggested that I do a Trail Cam Tuesday segment on group shots, I agreed it would be a good idea, but as I started going through these, I found something a little more entertaining that just the group shots. Sorry Cassie, no group shots but you still get the credit for this one since you gave me the idea to start looking for all these pictures. With multiple species being in the frame, they're going to have to stare each other down from time to time, but these are the best/funniest ones I found.

The raccoon gazing on hopeful that the doe
will let him get something to eat.

This doe has had enough and shoots an eager fox the
death glare before he can even take another step.

Now that there is no deer close to care about the fox or the raccoon, they have
 nothing to do now but stare at each other. Who will win?

This has to be my favorite one. This raccoon is holding his ground with
this young buck still in velvet. My money is on the raccoon. Haha
I hope everyone enjoyed the a little more light-hearted edition of Trail Cam Tuesday.


  1. So do you always have the trail cam in the same spot or do you move it around? Seems to be a lot of wildlife around...

  2. Wow! That's a great variety of wildlife all in the same shot!

    Great job once again. I love trail cam Tuesdays!

  3. The stand off between the deer and raccoon is my favorite!

  4. Very cool pics, Justin! Funny to see the "turf wars" between the critters!

  5. Awesome pictures...I like seeing the mixed bag of animals interacting with each other.

  6. Great trail cam shots Justin! I need to get mine back out.

  7. What great pics... thanks a ton for sharing.

  8. Love the critter cam photos. I came over from LB's place to say hi. :)


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