Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - March 29, 2011

This past weekend Jay told me that he had recently pulled some pictures off his trail camera that I would want to see, not only did I want to see them, but that I might even want to put them up on here. This isn't something you, or at least either Jay or I, see much on camera if at all. I know I am buildiung the anticipation up on this one and it's nothing breath taking or majestic, but it is rather interesting to wonder how it got that way. Here are a few pictures of a doe that Jay named "Peggy". Sorry for the poor quality pictures.

You can't tell much from this picture, but look at the front left leg.
It almost looks broken in this first picture.
Now you can see the leg clearly. Is it a deformity from birth, did it get shot last season, or hit by a vehicle?
This image shows how below the knee is completely black or at least discolored.
Also it shows how malnourished this deer is.
We're not sure if if she's even able to reproduce or she'll make it , but we'll
try to keep tabs on her throughout the  spring, summer and fall.
I've never experience something like this especially on trail camera so that we can examine it more closely. What does everyone else think is wrong or has happened to this deer?


  1. Poor girl. Amazing she made it thru winter...

  2. Whacked by a car and then winter. We've got wolves here in Wisconsin to take care of such issues. If the predator population is low in your area, she could bounce back once food becomes more abundant. That leg is a goner, but if she can make it without getting infection she'll bounce back.

  3. I'd say hit by a car. They certainly can be resilient animals. Good thing you still have the cameras out there to keep tabs.


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