Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - March 15, 2011

Good news, I'm still alive and weekend one out of two operation move Cassie in is done. Now just to survive this week of work and moving, then the second and final weekend. Then yours truly is back on a regular schedule of writing and entraining everyone, well at least trying to. Now onto what everyone is really here for...

Before I get started on this weeks pictures I'm going to answer a question from last week, always feel free to ask  questions, I might not know the answers, but I will try or at the very least give my opinions. This week's question is from JM of Something's Fishy. His question was, "Do you always have the trail cam in the same spot or do you move it around? Seems to be a lot of wildlife around..." First, there is a lot of wildlife around my area of West Virgina, there are even more species that I haven't managed to capture on camera. As far as my camera locations, I keep mine on my food plot and stand location, and I am looking to get another here in the near future (Ahem, hear that, if any trail camera manufactures are reading this I am looking a new one. Sorry couldn't resist. haha) to get another location covered. Jay also has a camera running on the property for around six month that watches over his food plot and tree stand. Along with that, he also runs a camera set around his house around another area he hunts. So I do have some diversity in pictures, but the majority, if not all, of the pictures taken are of places I hunt during bow or rifle season. 

To my surprise, I managed to sneak out from moving this week to check my trail cam for the first time in a three weeks, but that wasn't the only surprise we found once we checked the pictures. If you remember a few week ago, I had a post that listed my Top Three animals I wanted capture on trail camera. I didn't manage to get a new species on camera, but from what I've been reading I managed to get a rare form of coyote, a black one. But you can judge for yourself and if anyone knows anything more about black coyotes, please feel free to enlighten me. 

It's not the clearest picture, but you can see this coyote leaving the frame on the left hand side.

It's a little blurry, but you can see the the darker colored coat and the narrowed snout. 
As I said before this might not be a black coyote, but from what I can see it sure looks like it to me.
 Feel free to correct me though.


  1. That is pretty neat! I've never seen a black one, only the regular run of the mill brownish ones. Cool capture!

  2. Thanks for clearing that up! It certainly seems like you have a good place scouted out.

    As always , great trail cam shots! Can't wait until some bucks start showing up with their new antlers for the year.

  3. Nice. Don't see many of the black phase.


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