Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone Still Remember Me?

I sure hope so. Haha.. I'm back now, all the moving is done, well at least from Cassie's old apartment to my house. We still have a little rearranging to do furniture and storage wise, but that shouldn't effect my blogging. Moving onto what everyone is really here for, I am going to do a Random Ramblings style post, but I just didn't feel it was worth of the official title, so hang on for a quick catch up and preview of what's to come.

  • Even with all the moving this weekend, I managed to squeeze in a mini half-day fishing trip in Saturday morning, pictures and story to come.
  • After I got back from fishing Saturday, Cassie took a break from unpacking and we had lunch and watched the Mountaineers lose to Kentucky. Not to mention the total meltdown by the Big East have taken a major hit on my bracket, but luckily I'm still close the top in my pools so far.
  • I have some great news to fill everyone in on and it will let me check another thing off my Goals for 2011.
  • Two weekends ago Cassie, my parents, and I managed to all get out for a afternoon of shooting, and yes this included shooting my new Glock. Be ready for the second part of the review soon, as well as a possible guest appearance.
  • I want to welcome all of my new Followers to this blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook. And to thanks everyone that has been reading and commenting on my adventures thus far. I never could have fathomed that my little blog would expand from a semi-personal journal of my adventures to what it had become. I would like to thank everyone again that has/had a part in it and especially all of those who keep reading!! Thank you!!


  1. Sounds like you've been pretty busy. Glad you guys got settled in and look forward to the new posts.

  2. With all that moving out of the way it's time to hit the woods and water. So what are you waiting for.

  3. You're not forgotten! Looking forward to your future posts!

  4. Nice to see you're back, bud! Looking forward to reading what you've got in store for us!



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