Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Adventure in Choosing My Glock

If you follow this blog, I'm sure you know that I have been contemplating getting a hand gun. I even shot my buddies Glock G17 (9mm), to see if I how I liked it compared to a revolver. Well, we all know how that one went, I even talked about it again in a Random Ramblings post. We all know I got one, but how did I decide on a caliber or size.

When I originally posted about about shooting the 9mm I asked for everyone's opinion. I got some great opinions from Brian, LB, and Matt. It seemed that everyone only had good things to say about Glocks, this was also proved by simply shooting one. I wanted to go with a Glock, I preferred the semi automatic to the revolver, at least for my first hand gun, plus the rugged, durability of a Glock is something I was looking for. Now on to the the tricky part, what caliber? Well I shot a 9mm, I thought it had minimal kick and I could handle it fairly well, plus I thought that it would be easy enough for Cassie to handle. After a little research and a few conversations with my uncle, cousin, and a few friends I decided that I would look at a .40 S&W. After considering what I wanted this gun for, a back up weapon while bow hunting and personal protection with the ability to still conceal carry, the .40 S&W seemed to fit the bill the best. Then with wanting the ability to still conceal carry, that made my decision on size a little easier. The G27 was just a little to small for my taste, even though it was a little bit bigger I decided to go with the...

After looking at all my options, playing with them, and seeing which one felt best in my hands, I decided to go with the Glock G23, it is the compact model of the .40 S&W caliber. The specific gun I bought is a Gen 4 with Rough Textured Frame (Gen4 RTF) surface designed to enhance grip traction and is present on the frame as well as the interchangeable back straps.

Look for Part 2 once I've made it to range a few times and can give it a through work out, and you might even get a guest opinion/review on this one. Hint - Her first question wasn't how much, but when are we going to shoot? I think this means she might even be excited for this one.


  1. Congrats on the new blaster! I like the changes they made in the Gen 4 models. Now time for your CCW, right?

  2. Hey Justin - I, too, recently decided that I needed a new pistol. 15 years ago, I was a Rep. for beretta, and have always loved to shoot their guns, so I started there. But, over the course of the years, I've actually shot the Glocks better than the Berettas. I was at the Glock booth at SHOT Show, talking to an old friend who happens to be the head of LE trainng for Glock in North America. I had decided to get a Glock, just not sure which one. We went to the guns on display, and I picked up each one to see how they felt. The only decision left was which caliber. I sort of had my mind made up on a .40, but I asked Mark. His answer - "Are you going to shoot a lot? (Yes) Do you want to hit what you are shooting at, exactly where you want to hit it? (Yes)" So - A Glock 17 in 9mm is en route.

    The discussion of caliber is one that will go on forever, but I DO remember from my previous shooting days that the 9's were easier to shoot well, at least for me. And, they're certainly cheaper to shoot! I've always thought that MOST guns shoot a lot better than their owners, and the way to shoot a gun well - any gun - is to practice until it becomes second nature.

    I can't wait to begin shooting my Glock this summer. Here's a fun "game" that we used to do with the Berettas (Obviously, you need the right range area) We would shoot inside a quarry - huge backdrop. Take an empty cigarette pack (or something similar), crumble it up, and throw it on the ground about 25' in front of you. Start shooting it. The package will jump all over the place from the concussion of the bullets hitting the ground and you'll need to move the gun quickly to get onto the pack for the next shot. You get really compfortable handling the gun, getting used to the site picture and trigger pull, ... doing this. Word of warning, though - you can blow through a LOT of ammo doing this.

    You'll love your Glock - I look forward to hearing more about it.


  3. Congrats. My DC is a G 27 SF with an extended mag.
    The wife carries a 9mm Glock, too. We're big Glock fans so I guess it goes without saying that we think you made a great decision! I just wish we had more money for ammo and range time right now.
    Hey nice pics too - I don't like the new feel, but they look pretty cool to me!

  4. Foggy Mountain- Awesome looking pistol. I'm looking into getting a kimber but after reading this, I may look back into Glocks!

    Nice post!


  5. Thanks everyone!!

    Sole Adventure - Yea, I'm waiting till a can get in a class with a few of my friends, but I'll be getting it hopefully sooner rather than later..

    Joe - That game sounds pretty interesting, I think I might have to try it.. Any I agree on the matter of the caliber discussion.. It's one of those things you're never going to be right or wrong on.. Haha

    Owl - Thank ya sir.. I'm getting ready to find out how quickly ammo does run through these.. haha, from what I've been told I might need a second job just to keep myself in ammo..

    HLYH - Glocks are great guns!! Not knocking the Kimber in the slightest, I've not really researched or shot the much, but for the money, I couldn't beat the deal I got on it..

  6. Congratulations, again, Justin! You'll really enjoy it! In all my years of shooting, my Glocks have never failed me. You should get many years of service out of it.


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