Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waters & Woods: Trout stocking trucks run, even in winter

That's right folks, I'm mailing it in today. Not really, but after I posted "And it has begun..." back in early January, reading this article just reiterated my sentiments on this subject. I must say this article is music to my ears and is only making me more antsy to get out there once the weather clears up a bit. Below is part of the article with a link the to full article.

Trout stocking trucks run, even in winter

January 30, 2011 by John McCoy

With all the snow we’ve gotten this winter, it’s hard to believe that West Virginia’s trout-stocking crews have managed to stock all but five of the 52 streams and lakes on their January schedule.

It’s true, though.

“When the roads are clear, we really try to get the trout out to the people,” said Mike Shingleton, head of the Division of Natural Resources’ trout program. “We had some bad days this month, but when our crews were able to go they did a really good job.”
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  1. I can remember a few years when the DNR was way behind on stocking and Summit Lake got something like 3 truckloads in one week. They normally do a good job of spreading the fish out in the creeks too. Here in VA , they only stock fish at bridges and other easy spots.


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