Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday

In a brilliant plan I hatched this past weekend, I thought up the idea to start featuring trail cam pictures one day of the week. This thought stemmed from the fact that turkey season is coming up and I'm going to have a plethora of new pictures I'll want to share. So if I have to limit myself to one post a week involving trail pictures, it'll allow you guys only the very best content. This plan might be foiled once summer and fall roll around and deer start sprouting their antlers, but we'll see how much self restraint I have. Haha. Plus between Jay and I, we have two or three years worth of pictures back logged, and on top of that we constantly have at least one trail cam, if not more, running at all times. So, we're not at a lack of great trail cam pictures to feature. Now that I am done rambling about my thoughts (I know it was scary, sorry), we'll move on to this weeks Trail Cam Tuesday.

Guess who's back infront of the camera today, that's right our old friends that were featured in a previous post, "Is it Turkey Season Yet?". These long beards just can't get enough of the camera, granted, at the time of this video we were in the midst of getting 20"+ of snow dumped on us, and this is a common feeding spot for them. We might have found our perfect spot to set up for turkey season. 


  1. I love game cam videos as it's just so fun to see what's going on when we're not out there!

    Looking forward to this weekly feature!

  2. You realize once turkey season comes around these birds will be elsewhere? Never fails. LOL

    Looking forward to your trail cam footage, too!

  3. Thanks for the comments!!

    Kari - I've been addicted to knowing what's going on at my stand since I got my first trail cam..

    @Brian - I know they won't be there, but I can at least hope until opening morning.. LoL.. Then I'll just be cussing..

    Joe - Thanks.. Finally got a video what was good enough to use of them.. They were camera shy at first..


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