Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - Feb. 8, 2011

With many of us already shed hunting and even a few of us having successful outings, such as Matt & Sarah Elder from The Outdoor Fever in the post "First of 2011", there might be a reason why some of us haven't been that lucky. It could be that the bucks have yet to drop their antlers, I know that this isn't a world changing revelation, but more of a helpful comment reassuring you that it could still be a little early to be finding those trophy sheds.

This is a half rack 4-point that has been frequenting this location for a while now,
but we have been unable to find his other side.
Luckily enough, when Jay went  to move his trail camera,  he found a shed laying around the clearing.
This makes his second shed found this season.
As you can see see, this healthy 8-point has yet to lose either of his sides.
While the other buck (in the foreground) that has been running with the
8-point has lost his antlers long before we could document it.

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