Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trail Cam Tuesday - Feb. 15, 2011

First off let me apologize, I am normally pretty good for having a post to put up on Monday, and especially since I had planned to have Part 2 of "Who doesn't love big racks on Sunday?" to post this weekend and then postponed it till yesterday, but as most of you, sometimes life takes over. So I promise Part 2 will post tomorrow, as long as everything goes to plan. I hope everything had a great Valentine's Day with their loved ones, even if it is just a greeting card holiday.

Since this week has started off like a bear for me, I figured, what would be better than to digging through my archives and finding some interesting bear pictures to show show everyone. These are taken on Bell Hill (Foggy Mountain), where there are an abundance of black bear, except during bear season, of course. Anyways these are just pictures of a sow and her cub(s), so no hunting for her anyways.

Momma watching over her cubs.

The little guy couldn't resist playing with his new toy.

Ok, that was short lived.. He's found something else that caught his eye.
Yes, they look cute and adorable in these pictures, but you must remember, if you ever come upon a cub and sow in the wild, you must ease out of this situation without causing any perceived threat to either of them. And more importantly, if you come upon a cub by itself, remember its momma isn't far from it, so stay alert and look for where she is, and try to remove yourself from any danger. For more tips on preventing and what to do if a bear attacks, click here.


  1. Nice pics. I love the one with the sow standing up. Very cool.

  2. I am still waiting to actually see them... ;)

  3. Love the pictures! We went to the mountains of Tenn for 8 years and never saw a bear (which I still believe they don't have any)...and last year we were on the bikes riding home from Deep Creek, MD and a bear came out on the highway in front of us. I couldn't believe it! Here I'd been riding 14 hours to TN when all I had to do is ride 3 hours to see one. haha.

  4. Cool photos, Justin! You don't see many trail cam pics of bear cubs. At least I haven't.


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