Thursday, February 3, 2011

OBN Rendezvous - Who do you wanna meet? - Writing Prompt

When this writing prompt got released on Tuesday, I was tweeting back and forth with Rebecca, one of the Co-Founders of the OBN, and I told her how much I liked this topic and how my list might get a bit extensive. Well with some careful thought I think I've got it so I won't exceed the cap on mentions. We'll have to see how this goes..

I'm still relatively the new kid on the block, it seems that most of you have known each other for some time now, I don't  know why it seems like that because all of you have been very welcoming and helpful. Not to mention I feel like the little brother, as I am only 24, and everyone else seems to be old, like at least in their 30's. Haha. After a few conversations with Cassie, it looks like there might be a possibility both of us will be able to make it out to Denver to the OBN Rendezvous, we'll both just have to see about work, and the fact that it's looking like Denver might fall during our Florida Beach trip. As much as she loves the beach, Cassie said she wouldn't mind delaying the trip if need be, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out.

Once we got out there, it'll be getting towards the end of July, and my mind will already be changing gears towards bow hunting and deer season. Sorry gurus of fly fishing (Mike at Troutrageous! and Owl Jones at Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge), although I need to talk to you about my roll cast and my improper use of streamers, I think I'll have to have a sit down with you two later on in the day, no hard feelings. With whitetails and bow & arrows fresh on my mind, I'm sure I'll be trying to find the table with Al (The SoCal Bow Hunter), Lisa (Hunt Like You're Hungry), Kari (I Don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods), Tommy (Following Ghost) Ben (Ben G. Outdoors), Brian (heyBJK), and Bill (Fall Road Archer). That table is bound to have some good, interesting conversations, as well as a few well placed personalities!

But of course, we can't spend the whole time talking about our hunting seasons coming up, because what fun would that be, actually.. Nevermind, must move onto fishing.. Now that I'm back towards the fishing side of things I'd need to go find the Fly Fishing Gurus (Mike & Owl) to get help with that roll cast and streamer problem I am having. I'd also want to find that crazy pier fisherman Josh (Something's Fishy) (That is if we don't meet up for a fishing trip before then), The Functioning Fishaholic himself, Ivan (Yukon Goes Fishing), and Glynn (A Reel Lady).

I know I am missing more than a few here, but this was a quick list off the top of my head. I hope everyone can attend the OBN Rendezvous this summer and I can get a chance to at least start putting some faces (and voices) with a blogs. Plus it should be a fun time for all!!


  1. Old? Like in their 30's? Ha!

    I'll have you know I'm 29 and will be on my next birthday and the one after that and the one after that and ...

    Thanks for mentioning me in this post and you'd be more than welcome at any table I'm at anytime!

    Keep up the good work over here. You're doing a great job!

  2. The OLD GUYS in their 30's??? I don't even remember when I was In my 30's!!

    Ugh - now my joints ache just a little bit more than they did when I woke up.

    And, uh, Kari - lets just stick with that 29 story! (wink, wink, nod, nod)

  3. Wow - Now that I've hit my 30's more and more People have been calling me old. What's with that? Sure I have some gray hair ah what ever.

    Thanks for the mention Justin.

    You are doing an awesome job.

  4. Woo hoo 30 here! There is almost a slim to no chance I'll be there dude to the 9-5 getting in the way. If by some stroke of magic I am there I'll let you sit at the cool kids (ehm fishing) lunch table and I'll even let you have my pudding snack pack!

  5. Ok, so maybe 30 isn't that old..

    @Kari - I'd never question that statement, mainly just to stay alive.. Haha, Thanks!!

    @Wolfy - Something tells me you wouldn't have any problem keeping up with me on a stream, we might have to try it sometime..

    Ben - You might have a few years on me, but I got a few grays poking through too, so don't feel to bad.. Haha, Thanks!!

    FuncFish - That sucks, I'm not 100% I'm able to go either, but if it does happen, that'd sure be one interesting table.. And thanks for the snack pack!!

  6. Justin, don't listen to these old people. 30 is soooo old. Unfortunately, I am only 4 years away from that. Thanks for the mention.


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