Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look what I found on my Doorstep!!

Who doesn't love free stuff?....... That's what I thought, everyone does. (Sorry, this isn't a give-away, not to get anyones hopes up.) Well, maybe it's not free stuff, maybe part of the agreement was I do some product reviews.  I think that's a hard stipulation to follow, use some awesome new gear with the stuff I love to do and then blog about how it held up. Sounds tough to me, but someone's gotta do it. I know that it sounds like I'm gloating a little, and I may be, so excuse me for that, but I am just excited to have these opportunities. Back on Monday's post "Random Ramblings 2.0" I had hinted about some product reviews to come, so here are the products I received to review here in the near future...

These are the great products from Montana Fly Company that 
I got selected to review for the Outdoor Blogger Network.

This is a care package from Grabber Warmers for some of the snow storms we have 
in West Virginia and those late winter/early spring fishing trips.
Thanks Grabber Warmers and WebMasterJ - @grabberwarmers


  1. Sweet deal and I love those grabber warmers. Without them, I would be a frozen huntress, still stuck in a tree somewhere!

  2. Sweet! Have fun with the reviews!

  3. You are welcome. Get some good use out of them!

  4. Yeah, I am excited and will be more excited when you share your warmers :)

  5. Thanks everyone!! And Cassie, I'll see what I can do.. :P

  6. Oh Yea....those warmers are the BEST! They have the same value as gold around our house

  7. Looking forward to your reviews. I haven't used the warmers yet, but, I sure could use them if they are a good product.

  8. Reviews are a total blast to do! I haven't had much of a chance to do reviews on stuff we can use, unless you count Iranian 107s review worthy... But I did think about doing a review on my Steiner 8X30 R, It gets pretty rough out here, and that's a good test bed!

    Best regards,
    Albert Rasch In Afghanistan™
    Hogs and Dogs!


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