Monday, February 28, 2011

Great Chance to Beat the Winter Time Blues

Here is a great chance for everyone to beat the winter time blues with a little fun and games. My buddy JM from Something's Fishy gave me the heads up today that he is participating Scavenger Hunt/Give-Away. If anyone is interested I listed the information below. It starts tomorrow on Ben G. Outdoors. Good luck, I know I'll be there..

Snow swirls outside, making the world look like vast tundra. Venturing out for a carton of milk or some bread seems a daunting task in the bitter chill. The only other alternative to adventuring outdoors is staying indoors, which can be as much, if not more so of a challenge. But fear not, friends! The cure for your cabin fever is here!

Ben G. Outdoors, along with a handful of his best blogging compatriot buddies have teamed up to provide some entertainment to break this cabin fever that plagues so many of their chilly readers. The rules are simple if you’ve ever taken part in a scavenger hunt.
On March 1st, Ben G. will be posting the first clue. Once a participant finds the answer within his blog, then he or she will be directed to the next blog; so on and so forth. The following blogs will be participating in this scavenger hunt give-away.
The contest will conclude on March 10th. Winners will be announced on the 14th. The prizes are as follows:
  • 1st place: Magnum boots Work Pro Ultra WPI CT , $50 Bass Pro gift card, The Complete Trail Food Book - 300+ Recipes for Campers, Canoeists and Backpackers, and two packs of jerky from House of Jerky*
  • 2nd place: Flat Deerhead XL wall graphic of the winner’s favorite photo, a Flat Deerheads camo cap, $25 Bass Pro gift card, SEEMZ Scent Elimination and two packs of Jerky from the House of Jerky*
  • 3rd place: 3 Trout lures and 3 Bass lures From Fish Creek Spinners, Catch of the Day - 200+ Recipes for the Everyday Angler and a some great Jerky snacks from the House of Jerky*
Happy Searching and Good Luck!
Rules and Regulations:
  • Participant must live in the US and Canada to participate.
  • Contest begins March 1st and concludes March 10th, EST
  • Participant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Only one entry per contestant.
  • Participant MUST leave comment with answers on starting blog.
  • Only participants that have provided an answer for each of the blogs may be eligible to win the aforementioned prizes.


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