Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cabin Fever Anyone?

The warm weather of this past week, at least here in northern West Virginia, has everyone thinking spring, but sadly enough there's snow in the forecast for this coming week. I don't think I'm ready for the snow to comeback, but it doesn't look like I have a choice. Considering this past week felt like I should be fishing, of course I wanted to try and get some in this weekend, but with the drastic temperature change, the snow melt off raised the creeks and rivers and turned them  muddy and murky (or as I like to call it, chocolate milk). After some deliberation, we decided to put off our fishing trip for another week, with still have a severe case of cabin fever we headed to the woods instead. Even after the melt off there are still some pockets of snow left in the mountains, but the best part was after having to park at the top of the mountain last time and walk in, we were ecstatic  to be able to drive into the hunting property. 

We did the normal things anyone would do during this time of year when you have Cabin Fever. We started with checking our trail cameras, swapping the memory cards and checking the batteries, thankfully this time the weather didn't wreak havoc on my camera . Then, by default, we are in the woods after season, so like any good outdoors man (or woman) would do, we went shed hunting for a while. We mainly covered the core areas we do every time: mine and Jay's food plots, the trails in between our two stands, and then the trails leading to and from one of their feeding field and bedding thicket. But no luck yet again, I think the next time we go to check on the trail cameras and shed hunt we are going to have to hike around the majority of the property to check the trails, feeding and bedding areas. Plus about that time, the ramps should be popping through the ground giving us a start locating new ramp patches. 

After shed hunting we still didn't have all the Cabin Fever out yet, so what else could we do? Jay suggested we go golfing. Haha. Not really, but he doesn't miss many chances to bust out his clubs and get a few swings in. Another friend of ours came along for this trip, and wanted to play with his new Christmas present, a new Glock 17 - 9mm. Of course we all had to take turns playing with it as well, there will be pictures below. If you follow me on Twitter, you now understand why I was asking peoples opinions on Glock. I have been wanting to get a hand gun for a while now, but haven't had the spendable income to get one, nor could I make my mind up. After shooting his Glock this weekend, I think I've made my mind up, I know I won't drop a bear instantly with it, but I think it's the best of both worlds (personal defense and a back up weapon while bow hunting). If you have any opinions, negative or positive please leave them below.

Our redneck targets, since this was a spur of the moment idea.

Jay taking aim and popping off a few rounds.

Getting accustom to the idea of owning my own hand gun.


  1. Looks like an excellent way to expend some cabin fever, Justin! I've tried not to get too excited about this warm spell because I have a feeling winter isn't over just yet.

    I own three Glocks currently and have owned two others. I have two .40's and a 10mm. If you plan to hunt with it at all as your primary weapon, you need a 10mm. If it's going to be used strictly as a back-up while hunting and for defense, certainly any of the calibers would be fine. I've been shooting Glocks for 16 years and have never had an issue that wasn't my fault. That includes competition shooting. They're not the prettiest guns for sure, but they're dependable.

  2. My husband, Rambob and I both have our CCW licenses....he carried a Glock model 33 but after a year bought a model 32. They both shoot 357 sig ammo. He now leaves the 33 in the nightstand and carries the 32 because it is more comfortable to carry. Rambob loves the Glock and like what Brian says they are dependable.

    I didn't like either one because I think my hands are too small so I carry a 38 special revolver.

    And we shop at the same place....we use the same redneck tagets as you.

  3. Sounds like a fun day. I carry a Glock in the bear woods with me also, good guns. This is giving me the itch to get out and shoot, it's been a while.

  4. Sounds like a fun day a a great way to get rid of that dreaded cabin fever!

    Also, I'm really diggin' your new header! Sweet indeed!


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