Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You know it's cold..

..when you put your trail cam out and the batteries "die" in a little over 12 hours. Not to mention, my ol' Moultrie Trail Camera two of the four clips, that the bungee straps clip to, had broke off. I'm not sure how they broke off, it could  have bee the temperature, the age, or the few times the bears used it as a back scratcher, or a combination of all three. Who knows? It has been a great camera, actually Jay's dad had an original, all-black, 4.0 mega pixel, which in turn helped me make my decision on my trail camera a few years back. Since both my and his father's cameras had held up so well, Jay purchased a Moultrie D-55 IR, this past season, that thing works great. So anyways, back to what I was saying after that little side trip. When Jay went to get my camera he was shocked that I only had 49 total pictures in the two and a half weeks that it had been up, come to find out that the cold had drained the batteries in around 12 hours, but once it warmed up, it had 95% battery life left. It did manage to get a few good pictures while it was out, which was the main point of this post, so instead of me continual babble, here are the pictures. I do have a small disclaimer, we do feed corn and you can see it in these pictures, it is legal in West Virginia and it helps us get better pictures in the off-season.

One of the first pictures we got this year of a buck that already shed his antlers.

A little spike that still hadn't shed his antlers.

The spike again with I'm not sure if it's a spike that's shed his antlers or a doe,
but it looks like it has some scaring on its face.

I'm not sure if this is the same buck from the the first picture, but if you look close at the back you can see him.
As you can see the ol' Moultrie is still doing a fine job, now lets just hope I can get a new casing for it so that I can continue to getting everyone pictures.


  1. That is cold!

    I've had great luck over the years with my Moutries, and when ever I've needed help their customer service has been great. (Except phone call wait times on Mondays. I don't suggest it.)

  2. We use Moultries too and all our clips broke off...but I just figured it was my husband, Rambob being normal as a bull in a china shop and ripped them off by accident, haha.

  3. I never had much good luck with trail cameras in the winter so the new one I got I pulled out and boxed it for the winter. It will be back out there in the spring.

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