Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long Weekend and Late Birthday Presents

This weekend started in a firestorm of things to do. We had to run back to my house to get some things done and to get some things for this weekend. Then had to high-tail it back to Cassie's apartment in Morgantown, so that we could get some sleep before headed out to Parkersburg, WV, to spend sometime with her family and to have a late birthday dinner for me with her parents. With fishing season right around the corner and with me out growing my beginners fly tying kit and materials, I started searching for a local fly shop. Lucky as I could be, I found out that there was one in Parkersburg, and even more so that Cassie's father knew the manager at Angler's X Stream, an official Orvis dealer. Of course they had no problem showing me where the shop was, and of course I had to explore and pick up some new items. To my surprise, they knew I wanted to get a new fly tying vise, so they surprised me with one at the store as I was getting some new tools, materials, and hooks.
Some of the goodies I picked up this weekend.
Then today was topped off with a WVU basketball game (and a victory!!) this afternoon with Cassie, her brother, my dad, and uncle. I didn't get much done outdoors wise this weekend but I was able to pick up some new fly tying equipment, and had enough time to bust a few new flies this morning, man am I rusty. It looks like I need to practice a little more before the products come from Montana Fly Company to review, but hey it's all in good fun. Guess I'll just have to banish myself to my fly tying table for a few nights this week to knock off the rust. Haha. Even though it was a long weekend, it was an enjoyable one. Next weekend looks like it's going to be very low key. Hopefully, that means that I'll get some more interesting post of up for you guys and some more flies tied. I'm also hoping that the stuff comes for the product review so that Jay and I can get together so we can get that write up done for the Outdoor Blogger Network.

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  1. Hello, I found your blog today through OBN. I like it and will "follow" along. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman


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