Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it Turkey Season Yet?

Turkey Season is going to be here before we know it, April 25th for us here in West Virginia. It even seems like sooner if you could hear half the conversations that Jay and I have been having lately.  It's been a mixture of trout fishing, shed hunting, and turkey hunting - the joys of the outdoors never seem to stop. Anyways, Jay sent me some trail  cam pictures from earlier this week, he has his trail cam set out trying to get  last minute pictures of  bucks that have yet to shed their antlers. However, to our surprise it looks like we're in for a treat during turkey season, now just to do some scouting to see where they are roosting.

Look at those spurs!!

That'd be a nice double opening morning.

I'm counting four with at least two long beards, maybe more!!


  1. A teaser for the upcoming turkey season. Are these images taken with a game-cam ?


  2. @OV - Yes they are, I might even have some video of them from the trail cam if you check back later this weekend..

  3. Uh-Oh....Looks like somebody is getting ready to have a good turkey season!


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