Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are 4 Places to Many to Call My Favorite? - Photo Prompt

For the first writing/photo prompt and even some of the ones before I joined the OBN, I instantaneously had an idea and have the blog wrote before I take my first breath. With this one, it has actually took me a while to think this one through, or if I was even going to try this one. Not to mention the fact that, at my house there is close or over two feet of snow, so therefore I am staying at my girlfriend apartment in Morgantown, WV where I work, so that has taken a slight toll on my blogging, not her fault, just my excuse to be lazy. But the best way I could think to do is do favorite spot for certain seasons, you will have to bare with me because I don't have my picture archives with me.

Gandy Creek, Randolph County, WV
In the late winter and early spring they stock trout in West Virginia,  so therefore this means lot of adventures, but one of my favorite places to go is a grouping of streams: Gandy, Laurel Fork, and Glady Fork in Randolph County, WV. Normally, these are all day trips which always makes for great stories and memories, so I'm not sure if it's the place or the experience, but it is also a beautiful place.

Cheat River along Rt. 72
As the spring start getting warmer and the trees start to bloom, the waters we fish start to expand. There is a private organization that stocks Cheat River along Rt. 72 between Rowlesburg and Kingwood. I might love it for the fact I grew up fishing this stretch or that fact that it is less than a five minute drive from my front door.

Just a normal day at the Beach
Of course summer is a time to relax and I'm kind of torn on this one, because we have a small three acre parcel of river front campground that I spent many of my childhood summers explore and learning about the great outdoor there, but who doesn't love a good beach trip. With my parents recently purchasing a new beach house at Ormond Beach, FL, this only make this a much cheaper and easier escape. Because there will be many, many post involving "The Meadow" (our river front property) this spring and summer, I'm going to post a picture of the beach for this one.

My view of a sunset in the middle of Bow Season
Of course the fall should be a no-brainer here, it's of course my tree stand, and Bell Hill, the 93 acre hunting grounds that my grandfather has owned for years. There's a thousand and one reasons I could post why I love this place, but this picture I'm sure can explain a few of them.

Of all my favorite places though, most of them tend to revolve around one place, my town. There is normally a family hike once every fall to the top of Cannon Hill to see the town and foliage at its best, but it's also just a great excuse to just to spend sometime with my family. It may be funny or a little to predictable, but there is to much to love about the place I grew up and now live to not have it be one, if not, my only favorite place.

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  1. Great places and I love the stories behind them!


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