Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 WV Hunting, Fishing, & Outdoor Sports Show

Image Credit: WVFHOSS
It's always around this time of year you start to hear about the outdoor shows and at least I start planning on which ones I'm able to attend. Granted I never get to attend every one I want to or even then, all the ones I had planned to. But the West Virginia Fishing, Hunting, & Outdoor Sports Show is one I have been attending for quite a few years now. Maybe it's easier to attend because it's only a short drive from my house or maybe it's because most of the vendors are local and I tend to favor the local guy over the box store, well at least in most cases. This event has grown over the years now, I've been there when maybe 40-50 vendors would show up, to  last year there were over a 100. If you're in the area that weekend and you love the outdoors they have seminars, kid areas, and just everything outdoors, it may not be the best or biggest one you've been to, but it will sure be worth your $6. Even if you're not in this area, start keeping your eyes peeled for your local or state hunting and fishing expos, they're gonna be here before you know it.

Note: I have no affiliation with the West Virginia Fishing, Hunting, & Outdoor Sports Show, I am just giving my two cents worth on it, and love to see stuff like this promoted and succeed. 

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