Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maybe Next Year I'll be hunting this week..

Around five years ago when I got back in to hunting, I took up archery around the same time. I threw myself into it, just like I do with most new hobbies, I thought I'd never want to take up Muzzle Loader hunting due to the fact that I was an archery hunter (Yes, I rifle hunt as well, but around here that's just a fact). But now as time as passed, especially the last few years, I have started getting the inkling to try this foreign form of hunting. One of my other buddy I hunt with, Jared, has been muzzle loader hunting for a while now, along with Jay who actually took his first muzzle loader buck last year. So this leaves me with an open week in the season, yes I could be still bow hunting it and I have, but this leaves tags unclaimed since I can't take one with a muzzle loader. So maybe I'm just antsy for a new toy or maybe I am just wanting to take on a new task / skill, but whatever it may be, I hope to be hunting next year at this time with some black powered. This my take more than a year to happen, but I don't foresee any reason why I shouldn't try this form of hunting, I might even leave "Ol' Black Betty" at home more often, if I could take to whatever muzzle loader I get. This is just a thought, idea, dream, and a goal. But really what hunter wouldn't want to extend their season just that much more?

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