Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Back at 2010

Our haul after a morning at a honey hole.
L to R: Jay, Myself, and Jared
While looking at 2010, there were low points, but over all this was a great year. I got spend more time fishing locally, yet I was still about to explore some new streams in West Virginia. Even though, I wasn't able to start fishing as early into the year as I wanted to, I still made the most of it and got to spend some great morning on the banks of Big Sandy Creek and the Cheat River with some great guys. Then as turkey season rolled around, I didn't get to go hunting as I had wished, but I did get to go out and at least call and play in the woods and get the turkeys to respond to me. Next year, this will be a different story.

A bird catching his lunch on Ormond Beach, FL.
Of course, I spent most of the summer fishing as well as shooting bow, and working on our food plots and tree stands. I also got to take a trip to my parent's beach house this summer in Ormond Beach, FL., this was a great adventure for Jay and I, we didn't get to go salt water fishing as I had wanted, but this just leaves more for me to do this year. The end of the summer and beginning of the fall always leads to a lot of interesting things, it starts the count down for bow season, our annual trip to Romney, WV, the start of WVU football, and this year it even introduced a great girl into my life.

Then as the warm weather turns cold and the leaves turn and eventually start falling off, bow season proved to be uneventful for me this year, but man was Jay luck this year, not only did he take a buck on the Opening Day of Bow Season, he always took a personal best deer only a few day later. Although I didn't get to harvest a deer with a bow this year, Opening Morning of Rifle Season allowed me to put some meat in my freezer.

Looking back at it, it's hard to believe that this year is almost over, it's just flown by. But I guess now it's time to look forward to next year and start making plans for my up coming fishing trips.

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