Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Goods

I hope everyone had an great Christmas and got to spend sometime with their friends and family!!

Her new Camo Hoodie.
I had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my parents always have a seafood dinner/party for everyone to come enjoy, it's always filled with great food and laughter, this was actually this first year I got to introduce Cassie to this tradition. Of course as I've got older, the nights have gotten longer, and as there are no little children left in my immediate family right now, it makes for a nice Christmas morning to sleep in on. Once we were all awake and functioning, we began exchanging our gifts, it's always an interesting time giving and receiving gifts at my parents house, but this year wasn't too bad. I knew what they had planned to get me, but as I said before this was Cassie and I's first Christmas together so it was time to see if my had actually done well enough on her presents or not. As it turns out, I didn't do that bad at all for her, she loved her Fiesta Wear amongst other things as well, but the one she said she liked the most was her Cabela's Seclusion 3D hoodie I had gotten her, now she has something to wear next time we go shooting. Haha. As well as I had thought I did for her, she blew me out of the water with what I got. But instead of going on forever about everything I got, here's a few of my favorites:

The new 2010 Camo NFL (Redskins) OnField Gear

Picture my parents got me from a local artist.
And my parents got me some smaller stuff, but their main gift was cash for me to put towards something I've been wanting for a while now. A Nikon D90, hopefully I will be purchasing the camera soon after the new year begins. This should lead to me being able to get you guys a lot better and more pictures on here (as long as I remember to take it. Haha.).

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